SOFeXchange Registration

This form will allow you to register a new user and create a new company. If you believe that your company is already registered please contact your company administrator

Please be aware that completion of this form is a legal contract.

Your login password will be sent to this address.

By registering to use SOFeXchange you are entering in to a legal agreement. Please read the License Agreement. You must confirm you accept this agreement in order to proceed.

You may register for SOFeXchange for free. You will only be charged for downloads of the SOF. Each download is chargeable at the agreed rate, which is currently USD 25 per download. If you do not wish to be charged, DO NOT check the Export SOF? button. However, in that case you can view, but not copy or download the SOF. By selecting to enable to export the SOF you will be given 10 free export credits. Credits may be purchased by the company managers at any time. However, you can only export SOFs if you have sufficient credits. Once you have exceeded your download credit limit the system will revert to the free version.

Users of the demurrage feature ( will be charged for each claim that they open, regardless of whether they save or calculate the claim. This is currently charged at a standard 2 credits per claim. Individual users must be authorised to use demurrage

By completing this form you are confirming that you have the authority to agree that we can bill your company for this service before registering.

After submitting the registration request you will be sent a link to the email address provided that will allow you to reset the password for your account. After that, use your email/password combination to log in. You will become the manager of the account. This gives you the rights to create other people in your company. You may choose whether these people can export SOFs only if you have this right.